How To Get Your Favorite Actors Trademark Look

When trying to emulate your favorite actor’s look, it is always a good idea to start with the hair. You do not have to change your hair color, but you should expect to change your hair style to closely emulate that of the star.

Find a good picture of the star and print it off. Make sure the picture is big enough to clearly see the style and shape of the hair. Take that picture to a professional (more…)

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What Are The Newest Trends In The LA Fashion World

Whether you are planning to visit LA or you are already there, it cannot escape you that this sunny city is all about fashion. Not only is it the heart of the movie industry, it is simply a fantastic place to go see and be seen, and this city has a unique fashion that believes that anything is possible.

In the first place, LA is a city that believes in color. The eighties’ trends come and go, and though neon is not out of the question, we’re mostly seeing very bold, very saturated colors. A simple look (more…)

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WHere To Shop In LA To Look Like A Star

Sunny and gorgeous, the vibrant city of Los Angeles is home to many of the world’s most famous music and movie stars. Whether you want to replicate a favorite celebrity’s style or are looking to create your very own, these four shopping districts will have everything you need to be the ultimate trendsetter.

Rodeo Drive and the “Golden Triangle”

Perhaps the most iconic shopping district in Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive consists of three blocks of the world’s most desirable couture fashions. Expanding 16 square blocks around Rodeo Drive, the “Golden (more…)

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Choosing The Hippest Fashion Trends Going Around Today

In today’s fashion society there are many trends. Many come and go without being noticed while others grip fashionista’s for decades. Choosing which one of these trends is right for you is a delicate process but can be great fun and exciting. Two tricks to follow when looking for the hippest trends are to know your own personal style and comfort and also to follow trends that are easy to mimic.

Many people follow trends just because everyone else is (more…)

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Where To Find What The Stars Are Wearing In LA

There are many people out there who are constantly wondering where to buy the latest fashions currently being worn by their favorite celebrities. The truth is that these styles are being copied all of the time and many of these outfits are available either online or at some local retailers. For the fans out there who want to take it even further, there are other options to consider. It is actually possible to buy the exact same clothes worn by celebrities, and without having to spend a fortune acquiring them.

The most popular thing to do is to frequent famous boutique stores and even a few thrift stores in the Los Angeles area. Often, when celebrities are finished with an item of clothing, they will donate it to charity. This means that fans could very well find these outfits at local thrift stores sitting on the rack at a very discounted price. Literally hundreds of celebrity outfits end up in thrift stores every year and with the right amount of perseverance, time and patience, these outfits can easily be had.

A few celebrity outfits end up on auction sites, so that might also be a good place to consider checking.

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Choosing The Best Styles Which Have Recently Been Made Famous

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing, and it can sometimes be a daunting task to keep up with all the different trends. One day it’s stilleto heels, the next day it’s platform shoes. One day it’s short, bouncy hair, the next day it’s long, flowing waves. If you are into fashion and you like to keep up on the hottest looks, here are a few of the newest styles that are gaining popularity today.

1. Hats, Hats and More Hats. Whether it’s a beanie or a beret, hats are making a splash on the fashion scene. If you want to give your look an instant update, top off your look with hat.

2. Jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are making a leap into the fashion scene and this is a hot look that every stylish woman is wearing. The most stylish jumpsuits have the flow of a palazzo pant bottom that is combined with a fitting upper part top that will make any woman who wears it look on top of her fashion game.

3. Bold Patterns and Colors. Add some style to your wardrobe by buying pieces that have bold patterns in eye catching colors. One pattern that is warming up on the fashion scene is Hawaiian print clothing, so be daring with your style by wearing colorful prints.

These are just a few trends that are warming up the runways and the streets in fashion today. For an instant wardrobe update, try adding these trendy pieces to your wardrobe and show off your stellar style.

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Where To Shop For The Newest LA Fashion Styles

There’s so many sources that you can actually benefit from to find the newest and latest LA fashion styles. Everyone knows that LA is big on fashion for so many different reasons. There are not many online fashion stores that are based through LA, but there are many stores in LA that you can actual shop at to find only the best styles. LA has the best styles when it comes to fashion. Anything that has just came out, you will be able to find it at many different stores in the LA area. All you have to do is search around, and you will be amazed at what you find.

You can look through the internet and even magazines to see the latest styles. They’ll also give you the stores that you will be able to find the clothing from. These sources can benefit you in so many different ways. You can also just look online for clothing stores in LA so that you know where to look at. You’ll more than likely be able to find the newest styles in almost all of these stores. What one store has, more than likely other stores will have as well in LA.

LA is one of the most easiest places to shop for fashion. The type of clothing that is seen in LA, may not be seen in other cities around the country. LA is probably one of the first cities to actually pick up on the latest trends since there are so many hollywood super stars living out there, and this is just a city that is big on fashion all together. You can use these sources to the best of your advantage. If you know where some really good clothing stores are in LA, you’ll be all set.

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Hippest LA Comedy Clubs

Date nights are hard but if you’ve had your fill of cooking dinner at home and watching movies on local savings you’ve got to hit the town. LA has some great, hip comedy clubs and we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites for you and your love to check out
The Comedy Store: It’s so old it’s new again. The Comedy Store was famous in its day and it’s becoming once again hip with an influx of new comedians and some much needed media attention. Tickets are cheap enough so come early.
Sal’s Comedy Hole: This is the perfect place to take a New York transplant who thinks LA is just too clean and neat. Sal’s is raw and edgy and they don’t hold any punches – great for a whimsical date.
Improv Comedy Clubs: It’s hard to say how hip they are at any given moment but you’ve got to admit improve is fun to watch. It’s a laugh a minute and there’s a chance you and your date can actually get involved.

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How To Get That Look, For The Lowest Cost

So you want to look rich and famous, but you do not want to pay rich and famous prices, right? Most people want to look like they just stepped out of a magazine. We all want that look. So how do we get that look without going bankrupt? The answer is simple, look for bargains. Most of the clothes, shoes, purses, and fashion jewelry that you see in magazines are the same items that can be purchased at discount stores. Follow these rules to help you get the look that you want for less.

Know (more…)

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New Designers To Look Out For In 2012.

Fashion is a constantly evolving way of life for those who desire to make a statement. Being on the cutting edge means keeping up with the latest designers and trends. Attending fashion shows in Milan, Paris, or New York City may be a challenge for average people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay informed on what is hip and fashionable. The internet, television, and magazines continues to offer current opinions and news about trendsetters from (more…)

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